Sunday, 20 January 2008

hiding at musk creek

I was a bit wired and overwhelmed this week so I ran away.

Normally I like to stay at Tasma House at Daylesford (I know Daylesford is a bit naff but its green and often cooler- temperature wise- and I get to go for long drives out to places where the sky is big) but the damn 'Saddle Club' production has taken over most of the accommodation there for the next 6 months so I had to opt for Musk Creek House. It's always a disappointment when you have to stay somewhere else when your heart is set on a favourite place. I have a bad habit of wanting desperately to redecorate places I stay at, to throw 1/2 the furniture out the door. So of course Day 1 I was a bit out of sorts but then I discovered I had a housemate for the stay- Miss Personality Musk Creek 2008.

Yes, I am a severe cat tragic, you all know that but Miss P was a wonder. She had me in hysterics for the 3 days I was up there.
eg 1: finding a saucer-sized huntsman in the sun porch,rolling on it, purring and smooching it and then eating it, leaving 2 legs uneaten.
eg 2: sitting on the bench outside and giving my arm little nips if I ignored her.
eg 3: running up birch trees and hanging off the trunk until noticed.
I know- you had to be there.......

As you also know I am a sucker for the green. Filtered light and flickering leaves.
This where Musk was perfect. The creek runs along the back of the property and it has a bit of a micro-climate happening.
There were herbs in the garden and the birch trees and fruit trees and lavender and rhubarb. This is the view from the verandah but there is also a second part of the garden that backs on to the other house for rent that is part of this property. The Musk Creek Hollow has wonderful big plate glass windows looking out on the birch, really nice. Both properties at Musk Creek are actually quite nice to stay at (even if I do want to re-decorate...........)

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