Tuesday, 29 January 2008

just a bit sooky

Over the last couple of weeks, the most mundane things around the house are making me sooky.
The passionfruit vine, after all these years, giving me two passionfruit. The white jasmine overloaded with blooms. The view from the front window. My new back sitting room.........
Then there is the other side. The messes I can't be bothered cleaning up. The unfinished paint job in the front room. Piles of paperwork everywhere. Boxes of buttons stacked in the kitchen. Half-finished leather bags scattered over the kitchen table. Unfolded washing piled everywhere........
Interestingly the 'con' list is rather long. Maybe that has to do with living somewhere for 16 years. It becomes more of an archeological dig than a home.
Maybe I should get "Time Team" in to do a survey and dig a few trenches through the strata of my life.
It would save having to sort everything and pack.

3 more sleeps...........
(Not functioning very well.)

1 comment:

  1. Its going to be beautiful, and so freshly organised...

    thinking of you!



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