Monday, 23 February 2009

the way to woori

I had to go up to Woori this morning to visit Jenny and Colin. 
Everything on the Warburton Road was smoke shrouded.  People were coming down the mountain. Caravans, horse floats and loaded cars.
Jenny said she hadn't felt worried until her neighbour 's panic became contagious. If worse comes to worst then they are going to hole up at the factory.
When I left they were waiting to see what the wind change would bring.
I hope they are ok.

By the time I got to Lilydale the Lilydale showgrounds were packed with people setting up tents. Refugees.

The last errand of the day was to pick up a big batch of dye to start dyeing our winter run of angora fingerless gloves. 
I seem to have overlooked one thing.
My dye supplier, KraftKolour, has lost everything. Bonnie and Graeme lived and worked up near Whittlesee and were caught in the Saturday fires. They are fine but their home and warehouse were razed. It's going to take them a good 3 months to get up and running.  
Another sad story.
But tempered by their plans to restart the business.

So I feel a little shattered again today. Discombobulated.

If any of you know a craft shop that carries Landscape dyes- anywhere in Australia- can you let me know. (I've done Zart and HW&SG.) I need to source supplies asap. 


  1. Oh no! That's terrible news... I hope your friends are OK. Your fingerless gloves are wonderful, have been wearing them just about everyday since I got them (including sneaking them indoors sometimes). They have lasted through Iceland and also the biggest freeze London's seen in 18 years and they are still as fluffy and soft as the day I first put them on. I love that they don't pill and they're just right for busy fingers. Genius! Best of luck looking for an alternative dye supplier, I suspect many hands will be all the colder if the gloves are not made this year.

  2. what about dale at the thread studio? and they're coming over fomr perth to the quilt convention this week.

    good luck

  3. Landscape Dyes - try Wired for Fibre

  4. Your friends aren't, by any chance, the Sock People? If they are, I grew up in their footy socks and wool leggings. Bloody fantastic. I'll do a cartwheel if they're still going. They used to sell their stuff at St Andrews Market.

  5. Try Sandra at Winterwood for the best price.

    and tell her Suse sent you ;)


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