Thursday, 19 February 2009


Been wanting to do some framed stuff for a while. So here is Batch 1- if you like them I'll get some more done! My favourite framer, Michael, did a wonderful job as usual. All the pieces are archival mounted and framed (because if you are going to do it, do it right- no wonky Swedish frames here!). Sorry the picture isn't great, it was getting darkish, I'll try and do some close ups tomorrow. The cards are great, with slogans like 'Buttons of the Moment'! Excellent! We've gone monochromatic with this lot but I have some great colours as well and if you ask nicely I might even show you the absolutely fan-bloody-tastic bigger cards that I just might have framed in the future. 

(Perhaps they need a label at the bottom saying 'In case of emergency- break glass'!)


  1. Gorgeous. My sister would flip for the Button of the Moment piece, she collects buttons!

  2. you're a fucking genius.

    sorry, I just couldn't say it any other way.

  3. you didn't happen to take a photo copy of that AMAZING horse doiley to SWAP did you? swap for something you'd possible LOVE??
    loos great, by the way!

  4. love this framing work - I am struggling to find a framer who can do something contemporary and decent with embroidery work - it would be lovely if you could post more details on your framer!


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