Thursday, 5 February 2009

daisy, maisie's younger sister

I've managed to get a bit of work done this week. (Not enough.)
Daisy is Maisie's younger sister. Same styling but as a dress. Loose and dropped shouldered, elastic at the back and made from the lovely checked linen used in the original ric-rac tops or faded denim faced with vintage fabric. Daisy's the type of girl who'd spend a hot day paddling down at the creek under the trees, wearing a straw hat, eating strawberries.

I'm getting through making some more notebooks (did you know each one is slightly different because they are all handmade?) and there will be new clock images very soon. There's some corkers! Very, very funny!

And the green ric-rac tops are in.
And if you like Maisie you better come in soon!

I'm dreading Saturday and the 43˚C predicted. This is not fun. I'm going to remember to close up the upstairs and am hoping (although hot air rises) that it might just keep the house a little bit cooler. Still dreaming of an air-conditioner..........

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