Sunday, 1 February 2009

it's been a big year

It's a year ago today that I got the keys to 67 Gertrude Street. It has been a massive year.
There is a saying, along the lines of, the days and weeks dragging slowly along and the months and years flying by. So true. I can barely remember anything that has happened in the last twelve months, it has happened so fast and furious. (It's still another month and a half to the shop anniversary.....)

Today is the first Sunday in weeks where I haven't had anything organised to do (except for the vacuuming, the washing, the cleaning, etc) and I have done absolutely nothing apart from reading and snoozing and resting up after the sweating inferno of the last week. The kitchen is chaos after the shelves fell off the wall in the heat of Thursday night. Smashed crockery everywhere, a chain reaction from the shelf to the bench to the boxes on the floor. My favourite Majolica ware plate smashed.......

Damn sand plaster walls.

The house is still hot, the studio will probably be putrid tomorrow. I've been feeling like a bloated blood boiled lobster over the last week- roll on autumn!


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