Tuesday, 3 February 2009

snow bunny

I want snow! I want cold! I've had it with this humidity!

The first 2 days of the Great Heatwave last week I was fine, it was under 10% humidity and I could function, but now, even though it's cooler and breezer, it's up around 85%. I'm addicted to checking the weather on my mobile to prove I have every reason to feel like crap. Humidity makes my brain fry and my body feel bloated and slow.
The studio is  like a sauna and I'm starting to feel depressed about the amount of work I've managed to get done. I even spent time yesterday eyeing off portable air conditioners. 
Teaching starts again at the end of the month so lots to do between now and then.....

Grump, grumpy, grumpier.

(Thanks to Char and Dave for the photos of their creative efforts in extreme conditions.)


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