Wednesday, 18 February 2009

ric rac, this, that

So there are new tea-towel skirts in store. And new clocks with new images (some of them very funny).

I spent some time cleaning up a couple of sewing machines. The poor things get so dirty, covered in oil and fluff, and the studio has a dust problem, so getting around to cleaning them has taken a while..... Kansai Special, the coverstitch machine (if you want to know what coverstitch is have a look at the hem on the t-shirt you are wearing, that's stretchy coverstitch) has been sitting there unused for the last year (!) doubling as a occassional table and collecting dust. It was not working properly and I just couldn't get it stitching nicely. I gave up in frustration but today, all clean and sparkly, it decided it would stitch like a dream. Temperamental little bugger!

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