Wednesday, 11 February 2009

so life goes on.....

I feel guilty that my frivolous life goes on but........ it does. That is part of, well, living really isn't it? We rise to the occasion, we soldier on, we get things happening.
Jethro's been helping with a bit of quality control and product testing. New pouffé (Ottoman, footstool, floor-cushion). This one is made from 'other people's craft' tapestries and upholstery weight hessian. A nice mix of the twee and the raw.
Also we have ONE Melbourne tea-towel cushion (Melbourne tea-towels are damned hard to find) so first in to ask for it gets it. It a very funny 80s one too. I forgot to photograph it........


  1. Wow, those poufs look so comfy! Especially looking at your pouf model. One day when I have a house I'll have to order one. Thanks for the pic of the koala... one of my colleagues had a pic of the one who helped himself to a bath in a tupperware tub filled with water, adorable but you really feel for them, usually shy animals getting desperate for relief from the heat.

  2. who is this little fluff all grown up? to fast miss pen, not looking kitten anymore - so handsome! x x x


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