Tuesday, 25 March 2008

'why clean when you could be doing something creative?'

Saturday went off with a bang and now my body, mind and emotions have decided they have been overworked and have all shut down.
Along with my internet connection.
Telstra came today to hook up the phone (took 3 weeks) but in the scheme of things I forgot to sort it out with my internet provider......bugger. So I'm stuck with a dodgy airport/wireless hook-up that is absolutely crap. Which means no pictures etc until the broadband is back up and running.
Tomorrow I get to go to the studio whilst Elise looks after the shop. I'll be in being shop-girl on Friday and Saturday, which means I need to organise something to keep my hands busy while I wait for people to come through the door.
I have to say I'm as flat as a tack today, I think the adrenaline gland may be a bit overdrawn. I still need to get back to old Brunswick St to sort and pack and clean but the energy packs are empty and the thought of lugging boxes of magazines around is not hugely inviting.
Really its been a huge 7 weeks.

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