Monday, 3 March 2008

......... is the new black

Just in time for fash-trash week and the black exhibition I can announce the new black is FLOOR. From the bedroom to the bottom of the stairs has been glossed to the max (and I have a splitting chemical headache to prove it).

And the kitchen is finally happening (and had Ikea not had dodgy bench tops would have been even more finish than it is now).

The whole space is a complete mess but is getting so much closer to actually being something that I am getting a little bit interested again.

Teaching starts this week and being fashion week I have a slew of openings to get to. With black floor paint stained hands and general feelings of grotness I don't think I'll make it to any of them........... and Andrea arrives from Canadia via Brisvegas any day- now that really is exciting!


  1. beautiful! and monsieur mc queen says so too. in a crafty way...

    ps the word verifaction finishes with mu muu ahahaha

  2. love the mcq knitted dress

  3. Black floors?

    Pen, you are SO groovy.


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