Sunday, 9 March 2008

tradee frustration

Three carpentry jobs booked in for Saturday. Tom the Carpenter has to leave early. Two done (which is good but with the state I'm in, is not good), change room/storage finish, except for a bunch of nails I need to bang in, and the kitchen benches cut and ready to be screwed to the cabinets (yeah kitchen!).
In frustration after Tom left I scrubbed all the paint splatters off the concrete floor in the shop on my hands and knees- I now have 'char woman's knee' and can barely walk.
I did go down to Amor y Locura to pick up the denim covered display mannequins and Mandy helped me carry them up the street so she could have a sticky at the space.
To end the afternoon I started painting out the red at the top of the window arches, I can't reach right to the top with my ladder but at least most of the red is gone. The weather made the paint dry on the brush- see, all around it was a very frustrating day.

As a treat I went and got fish and chips from my favourite chippy. While it was frying (fish must be in batter) I strolled down to the op shop Yours, Now Mine and spied these little Easter chicks and the somewhat strange ducks. Ahhh op shops- even entertaining when they are closed.

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