Thursday, 27 March 2008


Just thought I'd sneak a post in before I head out to teach.
Vintage fabric pillowcases in contrasting patterns. One side in one fabric and the other in some other fabric......... you know what I mean!
Also with the rain tumbling down (oh how it's been falling, I got stuck in the car in one of the big downpours) I've popped the angora fingerless gloves into the shop and also some over the knee angora socks, they are really lush and perfect for around the house or to wear with boots. Only in cream at the moment though.


  1. Hey Pene, congrats on the shop, I know I commented on the freesias but my heart was really stolen by the dahlias! Wondering if you are doing any door snakes to keep cold breezes out, I have a supermarket one in a really naff fabric but I'm sure your fabric stash is much more appealing, just a thought......

  2. funny you should ask about snakes....... for doors that is.....they are on the list!
    I've just come back from getting more dahlias (and more freesias), they remind me of the lady that lived over the road when I was growing up. She had the most wonderful wild garden and grew the most spectacular blousey dahlias
    thanks for the visit

  3. door snakes... really...
    I LOVE IT. when do you think they'll be ready?
    no pressure or anything

  4. when I catch 'em, skin 'em and tan their hides and re-stuff 'em!


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