Wednesday, 5 March 2008

klein's easter fete

The girls at Klein's Perfumery have used my Goodwill Bunting for their Easter window. Wish we had fetes like the one this window evokes. Home-made jam for 20p! Bet the Vicar's running the tombola in the church hall! Oh and Miss Marple has killed the president of the Women's Institute! Jolly hockeysticks!

Couldn't resist a pic taken on the way to RMIT this afternoon. Melbourne does the best blue skies in autumn. And I do love the Exhibition Buildings.


  1. i love autumn in melbourne, we had snow when we woke up this morning, dashing my hopes that all those lilies popping out of the ground would last...

    when is easter? do we get hot crossed buns here, surely? you don't need to answer these big questions... just pondering aloud...

    I love your bunting...

  2. dell!
    easter is in 2 weekends
    babka buns mmmmm
    miss you


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