Sunday, 9 March 2008

sunday fun day

I remembered this morning why I stopped going to the Camberwell Market last year. Getting up at 6.30am is a pain in the arse.
Not to mention dealing with some seriously freaky people at that time of day is just not right.
Jess popped in for tea and gossip in the backyard and then I headed in to the city to go to the IFFTI conference to hear Andrea present her paper. I didn't stay long and came home on the tram with the rest of the freaky Melbourne people who weren't at the Market this morning. Is it me?- I wonder.

The conference highlighted how differently I view the whole fashion lark, which is a bit weird considering everything that I'm in the process of doing. I don't see myself in any way, shape or form, a commercial designer (even an 'independent' commercial designer) or an 'intellectual' designer (even though my work has sold at places like Ipanema, Assin and Eastern Market, etc) but rather as someone who is skills based. I can hold my own in a theoretical conversation about fashion, but you know what? Fashion to me is clothes, and they are in every way just clothes. Pretty, purposefully ugly, comfortable, uncomfortable, black, plain, patterned, bright, expensive, cheap, it's just clothes. Don't analyse them, just enjoy them. As you can see I don't really like the intellectualisation of fashion, sometimes I think it can be way off the mark. Interpretation is everything- makes me remember why I chose not to do a masters. Making things is fun. Making clothes that people want to wear is the bee's knees.


  1. Oh Bless you, Miss Pen, I couldn't agree with you more.

    And I boycotted Camberwell Market years ago. Shitheads, weirdos, high prices and people elbowing me out of the way. What's to like?

  2. exactly
    once in a blue moon i need to go to remind myself though


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