Monday, 15 October 2007

this one's for you Madame du Barry

Having taken the hint of 'avid fan' I am trying to catch up on a bit of blogging- never was a good diary-keeper or pen-pal in my youth, in fact couldn't see the point of a diary as I could remember quite clearly what I'd done and did not like the idea of anyone else reading my secrets.......
I wonder if the original Madame du Barry kept a diary, what a life-a courtesan, politics , jewellery smuggling, the Reign of Terror and then off with your head.
Makes the soon- to-be election look positively mundane.
(Did anyone notice John Howard's wearing fake tan?)


  1. Dear Ms Pen Pen - can I just say the Peg Bags are just beautiful - as is the new living room (invite please). Im bored too. so there you go. i am surrounded by coloured bits of paper and watercolour pencils and all I can think about is having to wait a whole week to watch the bionic woman. glad to see you blogging again
    Madame du B

  2. You know you are always welcome at my chateau Madame du B! Petite fours, madelaines and macaroons! Let them eat biscuits! (wrong person but you know where I'm coming from!)
    Please visit!


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