Monday, 22 October 2007

rainy monday afternoon

It all started when I didn't want to get out of bed this morning....... was having a strange dream that Babka had moved to Chapel St without telling anyone.
It maybe Monday, they may not be open, it may all be a dream but it is not a good start to the week when raspberry danishes could be a car ride away rather than a bleary 2 second stumble.......a bad, bad dream........

Anyway the day just dragged on from there. Spent most of it tying tags to go on a very large order that's going to Craft Victoria- from tomorrow morning it will be re-named 'Craft Durstonia'! Finally I couldn't stand being at the studio any longer (3.30pm) and came home via officeworks. Have burnt a pile of discs with the new photos for Miss Jobson and have managed to actually do a bit of typing in between watching Antiques Roadshow and browsing the internet. I really need to get broadband- I've got a (sort of) sportscar computer and I'm certainly stuck in the slow-lane on the information highway........... I'm just feeling the dull thud of the end of teaching money (groan) and the guilt of not saving any of it. Oh well. back to the scrimp and save. Feast or famine..............

This warm weather is making me feel lacklustre. Its cooler outside but both studio and home are like hot-boxes.
I have vague lustings for an air-conditioner. Very un-PC these days. It feels naughty wanting to be cool.

Which takes me to my new swing tag- Recycled for a shiny, bright tomorrow!
(Yes, it is a joke, if you were unsure.) Tomorrow never comes and I'm just a bit over all the recycled and green clap-trap that is prevelant at the moment. 'Make-and-mend' has only died in the last 20 or so years as we have become more and more the consumerist society. The backlash against disposable fashion that has started has me much more excited than the carbon-credit/carbon-neutral stance that so many (shall not be named here) businesses are buying in to. So I thumb my nose and say 'give me a second-hand tea-towel and I'll make you a bag/cushion/jacket.........insert practical product here'.


  1. couldn't agree more miss penpen...
    on all fronts really, danish, hot weather slugishness and dodgy green bandwagoners, in that order!

  2. I've modified punishment we discussed earlier- hockey sticks, FROZEN cupcakes and banshee cries of YIPEE!
    (in joke I know but we sometimes have to partake!)


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