Sunday, 28 October 2007

it has a name

It is called a Jones fracture of the 5th metatarsus.
Great. I feel so much better that I can now call it by its proper name as I swear at it.
I have also discovered that after a certain time at night I should not move around too much. Last night I fell over in the bedroom (luckily landing on the bed) jarring the break and screaming, and tonight I almost managed to fall down the stairs while hopping up them.
Jess is taking me to get the Cam Walker boot to go over the cast- YEAH!- tomorrow afternoon.
I spent 2 hours stretching trying to fix up my dodgy lower back that is screaming in agony from all the hopping and crutching.
As you may have guessed this blog is going to be centred on pain and misery for the next few days until things settle down.
Might be an idea to avoid it if whingeing-big-babies annoy you.


  1. My Dear Miss Pen Pen - what on earth have you done to yourself! you crazy gal. Why do these things always happen leading up to xmas? I shall make soup and deliver it forthwith (well as soon as i get over this wretched cold that I have been calling, optimistically, hayfever)

    love to you, get well soon
    Madame Du Barry

  2. now have big frankenstein boot on my foot and am so much happier
    that cast was killing me!
    back to the studio in the next couple of days to see what I can do with this damn foot
    we need to talk, have plans a'foot that concern you!

  3. as someone who has been vertical/horizontal for the last 2 months, chomping on painkillers like lollies due to sciatica, i'm feeling for you. you have the prescription strength painkillers, yes? if not, and you're learning new swearwords from the pain, do get yourself to a doctor pronto. i'll keep an eye out for you on thursday night.


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