Monday, 15 October 2007

practical, pragmatic, peg-bag

Teaching has been eating a big chunk out of my week, taking me away from the studio and tiring me out. I'm not used to having to talk for a couple of hours at a stretch. Ah..... for my ivory tower.
It has been interesting though.

I am feeling somewhat deflated at the moment and when I do get into the studio I just don't feel like I'm making anything particularly earth-shattering, if you know what I mean. The only thing I seem to be creating is MESS. The floor is covered with piles of fabric from half started projects. Cushion inserts arrive tomorrow so the floor will then be covered with blobs of loose stuffing and stuffed cushion covers.

I am quite bored (and if anyone says 'only boring people get bored' I'll head-butt them) at the moment, and its probably bored through lack of momentum. I look at all the fabric covered surfaces and it all looks so uninspiring. Dull.
I have about 60kg of tea-towels piled on one table, I think it may be getting out of control! I wish the elves would just come in and make everything up. Or that I won Powerball. Either would do.

Have a wall of peg-bags made, now I need someone to buy them......................... at least I make practical products......

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