Monday, 15 October 2007

first anniversary

Can't believe it has been a year since I moved all my crap into the studio.
Feels like yesterday.
And worst of all is the house is still a bomb-site.
I don't understand how I can't seem to make a dent in the mess.
Having said that though, Spot and I now have a sitting room!
With a wall of bookcases and a COUCH!
Thankyou teaching and thankyou Ikea. (Although I am still waiting for extra shelves to come in at Ikea- this is just wrong- Ikea is like junkfood- you want it now, immediately, pronto. It just feels wrong having to wait!)

Not the greatest shot I know, must remember to bring the tripod home, but Spot just loves the new coffee table.
It has rubbable corners and it is fun to peek through the glass and then pop one's head over the top to sticky beak.

She's never been a couch-potato type but she does now like joining me if I'm sitting reading. The purring is quite ridiculously loud.

So now I just have the rest of the house to sort out....... crap.

By the way the chairs are upholstered in vintage silk velvet, the pouffe is the original sample in gold leather (only ever get the samples and faulty stock!), Spot is sitting on a vintage Hungarian linen flour sack, the rug is a vintage linen carpet picked up for a song ........... and Spot is a 'calico' cat.


  1. has she had a couch to potato on?


  2. spotato has a tendency to shred couchs..... the 2 velvet knole sofas in the front room are evidence of that! she has just never wanted to sit on them

  3. Bespotted, am I... with cat and room. Beautiful.

  4. ooooo i cant wait to come over and drink tea in that lovely room


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