Saturday, 27 October 2007

they shoot horses don't they?

Let me explain................
I've had a doozie of a bad (or at least annoying) week with things just being completely out of kilter.
The clutch motor on my favourite sewing machine died, I made the wrong cushions for Craft Vic, just little annoying cock-ups all week- including the hot-water service........ and there in lies todays sorry tale.
I went to have a shower this morning and no hot water again (see post below), cold shower is not really that refreshing. So the first thing I do when I get down stairs is re-lit the damn thing which involves climbing on to and over a plank of wood sitting across a couple of sturdy crucible pots. Having lit the pilot light I carefully climb back over and go arse-over-tit on the concrete backyard, lying there bruised hip, scratched palms and a sore fankle (that's radiologist speak for foot and ankle). I flex it, its sore but ok- that is until I get up and then pain-is-my-friend. Short story long I spent 4 hours trying to convince myself that it was just a torn ligament............ not.
It all ended with Jess taking me to St Vincent's emergency......... broken metatarsal bone, cast and crutches for 4 to 6 weeks......... CRAP.
It's my sewing foot. It's time to do Xmas stock. This week alone I have 2 assessment days at RMIT, 1 meeting and an exhibition to open........... and nothing to wear.............
And by the way I expect you ALL to feel really sorry for me (don't say I didn't make that clear!)
And thanks go to Julia for going to Babka and getting me a danish and the newspapers, Kellie for the Panadeine and Jess for putting up with me until I realised I really did have to go to the hospital.


  1. I do feel sorry, but at which one of us has cake from Babka.

    That place is So Good.

  2. sometimes the danishes are just too perfect for words............ either raspberry or apple.........
    had a dream they moved south of the river- actually it really was a nightmare!

  3. aw pene, that's no good... the sewing foot!

    big hug

    xx dell & adam


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