Saturday, 3 November 2007

just too ridiculous

The last two weeks have been a series of mishaps, falls and exploding machinery.
The hot water heater has finally come to a steamy end.
Plumber is booked in for Monday, to pick up his cheque for $1000+ and hopefully also install a new one.
Had it exploded last Saturady I would not be sitting here with Franken-boot on my foot.
The back rent is going towards its replacement (hot water heater not foot).
Luckily a consignment cheque came in otherwise it would be cold showers 'til next Easter.
'Such is life' as Mr Cousins would say.
Hopefully we'll get the new clutch motor installed in the binding machine on Tuesday, I'll find the money to pay the tram ticket and seat belt fines and things will start to balance out........
Really, if I was superstitious or paranoid I would think someone was out to get me. May be its a message.
A letter or phone call would have been simpler, less painful and cheaper.
Really the omniverse needs to upgrade its communications system.


  1. this is dell, aka safety officer, saying you really should wear a seat belt, at all times... because we love you...

  2. thing was
    1. I had a tram ticket but they wouldn't let me put it in the machine to stamp it
    2. I was just driving down Brunswick St home and had only gone about 10mts when i got busted. I was at Johnson St and just seconds from home. Police boy was very sweet about it though


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