Tuesday, 25 September 2007

pictures professionally produced

Got some product photographed (professional-like rather than happy-snap) last week. Here's a couple of the shots.
Have to organise (and this involves the making of more stuff) another shoot in the near future and get my shit together with the web-site and sending the images out to people- so much to do......... think I'll go watch NCIS......


  1. in my dreams i am a lady of leisure lounging on a golden poof...

    they look great, clever lady...

  2. .....and how does the golden poof feel about being lounged on? have you asked him?
    how's the hard toil going Dancing Dell? obviously you need to be curled cat-like on one of these!

  3. Miss PenPen where are you? more posts please!
    Avid Fan


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