Sunday, 1 July 2007

book delight

Put this book on lay-buy the other day, had walked past it everyday as it sat in the window of the Brunswick Street Bookstore, and finally had to have it- of course I'm hopeless with lay-buys, I either forget to ever pick them up or race back the next day to pay for them. I waited 3 days this time!

It's an amazingly designed and produced book about one of my favourite contemporary designers Tord Boontje. The cover is made from the usual paste-board with the image attached and them bookbinders mesh over the top. And inside.... pages and pages of beautiful photos and on the text pages the side border is pinpricked out in flowers and birds- almost braille like.

Whilst Tord's Garland and Wednesday lights have been used in far too many shop fit-outs over the last few years, and silhouettes have been done to death, I still find his work very beautiful. The book has new pieces in it too- like a laser cut felt curtain to die for and stick on tattoos (the photo for that one is a hoot!). And best of all the text is actually quite inspiring. His family history of maternal textile based craft is really interesting (textile designer mother and weaver grandmother) and I think he can be held up someone who embraces the Craft as a hands-on designer,considering his training is as an Industrial Designer.

It's worth having a look at his site ( and checking out his work for Target (yes Target!) designing their Christmas 2006 displays, ads and product. (Puts the whole Australian Target to shame.)

Sometimes an inspiring book comes along just when you need it

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