Thursday, 26 July 2007

a day too long

(this pic is for the beautiful Mel in far away Wellington)

Woke at about 3 this morning wishing it was Friday because then Saturday would only be a day away, but no it was the too early hours of a thursday morning. I'm longing for a nights restful sleep, it is just not happening at the moment.
I went to the Alice Euphemia shop launch/birthday this evening directly from school and felt daggy and dumpy, sweaty and tired and was carrying the heaviest bag in the world. Everyone had had a chance to go home and frock up. Even though home is just down the road I didn't have the energy to go home, doll up and then head back up the street. Cinderella had no glass slipper, just sore feet and a tired demeanor.
Since I stopped the drinking and the smoking and the over-indulgence, my social threshold has plummetted. The boredom level is achieved way before everyone else's, I am so boring these days, I think I bore myself.
Six month holiday might do the trick (I wish).
But to counteract the moan and groan, I did get to see a few people I haven't caught up with in awhile, even if they were quick chats amongst it all.
Spot the Cat's in the shits with me as I have turned her heater off, I am tired and snarky (Dell I think I've caught your 'grrrr' attitude of last week, and if my feet didn't hurt so much would probably want to kick things) and really just need to go to bed. I'm like an overtired little kid tonight.
Maybe I'll make something that will make me feel productive and happy tomorrow!


  1. A hot milo for you, Miss Pen.

  2. It ended with young Jess convincing me to spend Friday with her, skiving off was her plan and she needed a companion. So of course I now have the guilts. Considering I'm not Catholic I seem to have got a Catholic guilt gene from somewhere!


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