Tuesday, 24 July 2007


A big gold leather pouffe! What every girl needs in her life!

Yes its real leather and yes it is coming home with me- mainly because its f**ked. Being the first sample and being as I was over eager it is kinda 'wrong'. Therefore it will be coming home one day soon (after I have finished painting the floor in the backroom). Dell was laughing the other day at my lack of owning pieces that I make, but you know how it is. Either you are always struggling to get out enough stock or you have reached saturation point and just don't want to have it staring you in the face all the time. Sadly it is usually the rejects that find a home here- like the leather purse that I finally started using a couple of weeks ago- after everyone had been buying them for a year.........d'oh!........ and I like it! It works! It is soft and leathery! It clicks when I snap it shut! Idjit!

So the pattern for the pouffe has been fixed and refined and hopefully if some money arrives I might slink down and pick up some more metallic foil leather...mmmmm. They will be hideously expensive but very glam.


  1. And I will buy one. Immediately.

  2. Pattern is trued and inserts are done....... think I forgot something....... oh yes the leather!
    mmmm tomorrow ......

  3. and i'll be in line right behind shula


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