Monday, 23 July 2007

better late than never

It was Andrea Canadia's birthday last week so here, belated I know, is a picture of us both at her glamorous wedding, just before her and the hubby scooted off to live in Canadia. Happy birthday you skinny-vegoid-yoga-freak! Eat more chocolate!

Spent pretty much the whole weekend in bed (except for the bits were I was reading the newspaper, eating danishes and throwing down valium/panadeine forte cocktails). It is amazing how much you can sleep all afternoon and still find it in you to sleep all night. I think I could still do with a good 24 hours in bed but I'm going to have to stagger it this week- I'm falling behind on some work that I really need to get out of the way. I think the energy-box was completely empty. Whilst my brain is a bit fried from the chemicals (it wasn't for pleasure I assure you- I could barely move with a seriously stuffed back, the pay-off for 3 very stressful weeks) I actually feel like I'm a bit more me, rather than the scary freak I think I've been of late. Not 100% but getting there.

Smudge sticked the studio last Thursday before heading in to RMIT- it seemed to do the trick. I was having trouble working after the studio open and thought 'hell it ain't gonna hurt', it seems to have done the trick as Friday was like Grand Central Station with everyone nice coming to visit and pick up stock. It was quite funny really with a hectic 4 hours of people coming and going.

This week's news....... I'm being interviewed for Network Ten morning show next Tuesday afternoon......... had to laugh.......
I find it all a bit weird............ really must do something about that website.............. what's that noise? I think my bed is calling........


  1. all of canadiaJuly 24, 2007 3:04 am

    yah for miss pene!
    oh my gawd you're famous!
    i miss you sooo much...
    rest well

  2. Those smudge sticks.

    Mysterious business, but it's never failed me yet.

  3. a picture! you and miss australia in canadia... that is delightful. a huh.


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