Wednesday, 18 July 2007

aftermath- or the return to the ivory tower

Friday was stressful and somewhat strange. All the thanks in the world go out to Jess and Dell who were too wonderful for words. Jess is going to make a superb security guard one day! Her look of intimidation is a sight to behold! And gentle Dell smiled and kept the peace (what a cheeky smile that one has!).
Now I need to reclaim my studio.
This week hasn't left much time to actually be there. RMIT appointments Monday, today and tomorrow, Woori yesterday (cloud so low I couldn't see the hills but I bet there was snow to be seen) and piles of glove dyeing to be done. I don't know where to start with anything, which is why I spent the weekend painting the backroom at home.
And work to do for Eastern Market.......
I just really want to sleep for a week. Maybe Saturday........ maybe dream on.

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