Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Having spent the last 2 weeks dragging my sorry arse around, feeling tired and dejected, I finely sparked up tonight. Maybe it's the rain. Diamond trails down the front room windows and the pit-a-patter on the tin roof. Managed to actually get some cleaning done, the dust pit that was the bathroom is now looking- well not shiny- but at least not quite so bad. Most important of all I picked up every piece of clothing off the floor and sorted a big pile of washing. Yeah for me!

I'll stop regaling you with my domestic chores and get to the invite bit.

Although I'm not participating in the Melbourne Design Market this year (gripe-grizzle-grrr) I am in the Open Studio element of the festival. It's happening on Friday the 13th of July from 11am until 4pm. I'm not planning to do any talks or presentations as I don't work that way but I will clean up and present new work (gulp... fingers crossed). I'm hoping to do it as an informal drop in day (please let me know if you are coming though just so I feel a little bit wanted!) Check here for details and contact info http://www.nationaldesigncentre.com/Default.aspx?MenuCode=ME0146&ValuePath=ME0022/ME0146
(sorry I haven't worked out hyperlinking yet) and if you would like to 'book' a time please do so.

As you might have guessed the picture above is of the studio before I moved in- come and see how it looks now.

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