Monday, 11 June 2007


Well I stuffed up slightly, I admit.
I had decided that I needed to think about yesterday's diatribe before I posted it, that I'd sleep on it and edit it in the morning. Somehow it got posted before I did anything and I've only just discovered this!
I still stand by what I've written. I won't edit it or trash it. I probably would have reduced or refined the analogy a bit but I think I would have ended up being harsher about those people selling their hobby products.
I am not being elitist in my views, I just wish that people would enjoy making things for the sake of creating in and of itself.
Don't have a need to justify it by selling it!
(I have just looked out the window and seen a woman wearing the best tea-cosy of a hat! Truly glorious! Now someone had fun making that, it's keeping a head warm and it made me smile- fills all criteria of craft joy!)
I was going to add that whilst we should all make to the best of our abilities, we should also be striving to develop, refine and improve our skills, to never stop learning. Boredom and complacency is obvious when one stops attempting to stretch one's self just a bit more.
In this modern world you get a certificate for just attending, its meant to all be about equality and not hurting someone's feelings. Well the real world isn't a nice place and in the craft world not everyone is equal.


  1. arrr the dreaded blog post!

    at least you don't post drunk like some people i know...

    and anyways, if it needs to be said... put it in writing and stand by it. it's the perfect place to get things off your chest and offend unknown readers.... SORRY, not making you feel better!


    i like your new font...

  2. was notorious once as a drunk texter- had a plan to create a program that put all drunk texts and emails into a holding pattern for 12 hours so you could have the satisfaction of pressing the send button without the angst of other people actually getting the msg.
    kind of like a breathaliser - the text-aliser


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