Saturday, 9 August 2014


Hello all!
Been neglecting you, sorry about that. I raced out of the house last Saturday morning for appointments at the trade shows and had no time to write even the vaguest of posts. Today's will quite probably be rushed too as I am in a flat mood after a weirdly low level shitty week. Trying to leave the house to actually get to the studio at a decent hour just didn't happen, appointments and issues and stuff cropped  up everyday and the usual money issues that come to a head at this time every year have started. Painful and annoying.
On the up-side I'm waiting for the date to be set to remove the metal from my wrist break and whilst they are in there they are going to do a bit of work on the carpal tunnel.... yep, busiest time of the year and more surgery but I might just put this almost year long wrist debacle to rest and get some feeling back in my fingers. I've booked a holiday and probably can't afford to go back to the scene of the crime and stick two fingers up at the universe for making me go through the mind numbing crap of three broken wrists within five months and there consequences.
Also on the up-side is the new stock arriving in store, vintage storage boxes, fabulous old industrial waxed paper bags, Creamore Mill paper seedling pot makers, new scrubbing brushes and stainless funnels and the lids have finally arrived for the 'french' style dairy bottles.... what else? And I made a new batch of 'hot water bottle' wheatbags and the denim Harvest Smocks finally managed to get finished and I made some new Harvest Smock tops in a lovely strawberry gelato pink lightweight linen that is striped with a woven 'hemstitch' line through it. That's the one in the photo.
OK. Better get moving. I'm going to open a little earlier today (although on a Saturday no one seems to come in before 11) as I have to CLOSE EARLY today. It's Hana's first birthday and I have biscuits to deliver. I'll be closing about 3.45pm, sorry! We very rarely close early but first birthday's only come around once and I'd like to catch the last hour or so.
Lots of photos of new stock coming through over on instagram at the moment (@cottageindustrystore) if you are interested!

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