Monday, 26 February 2007

black dog blue day

The trouble with going on a small holiday is trying to get back in the swing of things. Having lolled around all weekend (well that's not totally accurate- did a quick pass of Craft Vic to see the wonderful Ramona's window exhibition and then ventured south of the river to check out a few shops as potential fingerless glove homes- anyone who knows me will know how much I hate going south! Sadly was pretty underwhelmed by most of the retail outlets. Is this just me or are they often over-hyped?)

Anyway, headed into the studio today feeling massively underwhelmed by my own work. Not a good feeling when you need to get all fired up. Have been stresing over sizing and cut on some pants I'm working on. Had someone try them on a couple of weeks ago, supposedly she was a size 2 (hmmm) -not- and that sent me into stress mode. Suzie came by with young Lily and Coco this afternoon and tried them for me. Much happier now, just a tweak and they will be fine. I'll put these ones aside as samples and we'll get to production this week. Need to see stock filling those racks.

Also have work for other people to do this week and scarf dresses to go instore asap. Really going to have to get my arse in gear.


  1. PENE!

    hi, i have been meaning to email you all week...
    maybe i can visit next week...

    how was the holiday?

    i'll call, ok.

  2. Miss Pen Pen, sorry to hear you aren't firing on all cylinders. no completely wha you mean about stores south side lacking in inspiration. thanks for swinging by cv to see the window
    love ramona


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