Monday, 23 November 2009

working hard for the man

The kitchen table is.... well..... a bit crowded at the moment.
It's known at the 'kitchen table' but really it's more an outpost of the studio, and whilst it has hosted innumerable family dinners when I was a little tacker and debauched dinner parties when I was all growed up, it is mainly used to make stuff these days. I've so got out of the habit of having dinner parties that I don't know whether I could bring myself to have one anymore. How pathetic is that?!
So the boy curled up in the middle of it all yesterday for a bit of a catnap. A catnap that lasted a couple of hours.
What a life.
I came home this afternoon to find Jethro had brought all his toys downstairs to the shop (including some shrivelled up green beans). Yesterday I found all his missing bouncy balls piled up behind the storage box under the stainless steel bench in the kitchen. I'd wondered where they had all gone. 

I got an early(ish) start at the studio this morning but I must remember to never start Monday morning with a project that needs my brain to be working. I should ease into the week rather than attempt to make garments with 12 meter hems. I should have 'warm-up' projects. Nice simple brainless jobs. Kind of like stretching exercises.

Then this afternoon was back to the shop to field phone calls and organise parcels and answer emails. It never ends. Tonight I have a pile of things to do. Oh the joys of being self employed during the Xmas season!

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