Saturday, 21 November 2009

saturday morning coming down

Here finally is a gratuitous watermelon granita picture. (Don't tell Dell, I had one on Friday without her.)

It's still muggy here in Old Melbourne Town even though the 'cool change' has come through. The birds are singing. All yesterday evening and this morning it has been like they have let out all their pent up songs, that it was too hot for them to do their singing and now they are letting rip.

This week has been physically draining with both the heat and the amount of sewing I have been trying to catch up on. Lugging rolls of fabric and mountains of stuff around, cutting and drafting, hunched over the sewing machine. My whole body feels achy and breaky and bone weary, and sadly this is only the start of it. Wholesale has fired up and poor Thursday girl Anna had to put up with my venting with annoyance because of it. People just don't realise that a very large (VERY large) percentage of our stock is made by me, physically and emotionally by ME. I don't have a team of minions, lackeys and the only person in the sweat-shop is me. (OK sorry as you may have guessed I am a little stressed and tired- apologies.) 
Someone I know always pesters me that I should have everything made  in Bali, as she does, but I really can't bring myself to go down this line. To me that defeats the whole ethos of what I am trying to do. If I did then I would be simply making another mass (even in limited quantities) produced, disposable, high mileage consumable. Products where I would be paying the lowest possible price and selling it at a killing. I would like to have money in the bank, a hammock of safety but really paying the bills and creating something I am proud of far outweighs all this. 
This time of the year is a bit like going into training for a marathon. At the moment I'm all unfit but the stamina will come and I'll be able to do those long, long days soon enough. It'll be head down and I'll be in the making zone.
And then comes Xmas Day and I will sleep for a week. 

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  1. I wish you very good luck for coping with all the madness that often comes with the Christmas season...


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