Saturday, 28 November 2009

i am shopgirl, hear me roar

So yesterday I was shopgirl and today I am shopgirl and tomorrow I will talk to no-one!
I got a fair way into all the hand sewing I needed to catch up on and must remember to write a note on the wall saying 'owlettes aren't a pain to do', sometimes I get it stuck in my head that something takes longer and is more annoying to do than it really is. It's the procrastinator in me.
Take for instance needing to take a photo of the striped dress for Charlotte to see or letting her know that yes we do have the Dora pants in black linen (although not in all sizes). Bad shopgirl bad.

So I potted in the shop and did a 'dell' and took photos of stuff. Like the box of the crocheted Xmas decorations.

And the pouffés. 
And I put out new afghans.

And made a stand for the new bark cloth bags out of an old lampbase I haven't had re-wired and a couple of butcher's hooks from Ikea. Works rather well if I say so myself.
Today I will serve customers and meditate on what needs to get done in the next week or two. 
In other words a hell of a lot.
And stay tuned because we will be announcing something special in a few days. 
Actually there are a couple of announcements coming!
One being that I must stop procrastinating immediately!


  1. I have an announcement....hhhhmmmm

    The shop looks lovely!

    Sarah x

  2. You're amazing. That crochet gives me nice warm childhood flashbacks, I'll have to show my mum.

  3. Thank you so much Miss Pen Pen. Joe and I (aka The Circus) are in town again this week and hoping to visit Cottage Industry. I have been told that there are other pants in the world, but I am really not convinced. Especially now I own a pair of wicker soled wedgies with bandage pale linenish straps...Am furious to be missing the jumble sale but so pleased to have been introduced to the studio on-line.
    (a small parcel - votive offering to goddesses of skill - should be with you soon)


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