Saturday, 7 November 2009

the devil's cloth

Ahhh Saturday morning, here again.
How the weeks fly by.
I've spent my morning running around, sending  off parcels, picking stuff up at the studio, getting the papers and making Jethro wear his kitten harness (he escaped yesterday and poor Dell had to chase him down the street, so back to shop training, although he's so headstrong I don't think it is going to work, at the moment he's lying on the shop floor having a tantrum).

Now school is over for the year (bar a bit of marking entering) I'm trying to get in the zone. The zone where I am head down, making, making, making. This week's new stock includes new tea-towel cushions (if they grew legs they couldn't leave the shop faster!), more tea-towel shoppers and, making a return appearance after many years, quilted tea-towel jackets. Tea-towel theme happening there!
For something different we also have sleeveless dresses in black and latte stripes, hence the 'devil's cloth' title. 'Devil's cloth?' I hear you ask..... wish I could find my copy of Michel Patoureau's book to give you the full lowdown but basically stripes were always worn by the near-do-wells, gypsies, tramps and thieves, harlots and heretics. So if you want to live life on the wild side we have a lovely frock for you to wear.


  1. Now you're talking! The Devil's cloth, marvelous! My nickname is in fact Gypsy Srarah!So I should be just the right sort!

    have a lovely weekend!

    PS Kitten Harness? are you crazy? I would like to see this, have you embellished said harness? tee hee x

  2. and that is why I always wear stripes...
    i'll be coming on down for one of those frocks
    and I cannot wait to see jethro in said kitten harness

  3. Miss Pen Pen,

    I live 400k out of town and I'm lusting after more than one Cottage Industry treasure. Any chance of a bigger pic of the dress? And do you have any black linen pants left in stock? Can't get away with wearing the felt ones any longer - for this season anyway.
    Have followed the boro lead thru your blog and become a little obsessed.


    Miss Charlotte

    (parcel will come your way when the perfect treasure comes to light. There is a very Pen Pen craft shop in our nearest town - Tallangatta. The Town That Moved in The Fifties. I love paper mail too)


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