Saturday, 16 May 2009

warm flannelette

Last weekend I scored a pair of cotton flannelette pyjama bottoms........ mmmmmm.
I thought maybe I could spend the whole of winter in them. Then I thought that might be embarrassing walking the streets in grey and black checked pyjamas (although when I lived on Brunswick Street I would sometimes go to the milkbar to get the papers on the weekend in my pjs). Then I went passed Nom D and noticed they had black and grey checked flannelette pants in the window so the whole 'winter in flannelette' didn't seem so weird anymore.
If you've been in the shop you'll know that we have our 'hot water bottle' wheat bags made from vintage flannelette and that out berets are lined with beautiful garment grade checked flannelette. I've just finished the first batch of flannelette shirts. They are simple with no collar, a yoke that comes over from the back and all the facing are made from vintage floral cotton. And they have shirt tails that look great out over the top of a garment, belted around the waist or tucked in. It's not a super fluffy flannelette, in fact I don't trust anything 'super fluffy' as I know it will just pill and turn 'super awful' in a blink of eye.
Mmmmmmm................ warm flannelette.

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