Tuesday, 12 May 2009

another brick in the wall

Sorry for the intermittent posting. Things just keep getting in the way.
I managed to get up to Bendigo on Friday. I knew it was going to be one of those frustrating days if I went to the studio and I got held up in the shop so opted for the open road. Apples in Harcourt, a tiny bit of op-shopping and, the main purpose, picking up supplies. Not enough time though and I felt nothing but rushed all day. Oh- and quinces for quince jelly, ready in a week or two but I must remember to get jars and sugar. As Elise and I discussed when I got back to the shop- quince jelly is alchemy, the most jewel like substance created from something that right up 'til the last minute looks like it should be binned.

Saturday was shop. 

Sunday was reading a Sookie Stackhouse novel from cover to cover and not doing the housework. (I have decided housework needs to be done during the week, Sundays need to be set aside for wind-down and battery re-charging.) I've been waiting months to get my hands on Sookie books and it's been worth it! I want my vampires with blood, sex and a dash of humour and if you come from a background of Buffy and Angel you know what I mean. How can you not love a book that has a 6ft plus Viking vampire sitting around watching 'Buffy' on DVD? Who wants teenage vampire UST, a la Twilight, when you can have Louisiana hot and sweaty!

Sunday also brought a Mother's Day present from Jethro- I think his Fairy Godmother Kim may have had something to do with it. He thought it was a good idea to 'kill' the present.

I've been feeling flat this week. A combination of too much work and disturbed sleep....... 
Next door has been a demolition site for the last 2 1/2 weeks and the builders like to turn up early and talk under my bedroom window. This morning though was a doozy..... 4.45 am I'm woken by the noise of bricks being moved around (when I go home last night there was a stack of bricks against the wall and a pile of bricks in the parking space) I got up and looked out the window to see this guy carefully contemplating and stack the pile of bricks on top of the stack. I thought it must have been one of our local Loons (perhaps with a nasty case of OC) and decided to just leave him to it. I went back to bed, the noise stopped, I sighed in relief. Then a car drove down the laneway and idled out the back. Once again I got up and looked out the window. Same guy, with car, loading bluestones into the boot. By this time I've got the window open and I'm yelling at him to find out what the hell he's doing at 4.45am. He's one of the goddamn builders! At 4.45am! I am not happy. I think he is a complete and utter twat. I finally get back to sleep at 6.45 just as the rest of the damn builders arrive....... And I wonder why I'm feeling a bit 'put upon' at the moment............. I'd laugh about it if I wasn't so tired from all the disturbed sleep.........


  1. hello
    i recognised one of my dolls being eaten/cuddled by the cat. it's great to see how far they travel!
    love your blog, and your gertrude st store, it's a must every time i'm in melbourne!

  2. Sorry to hear about your lack of sleep, theres no comfort in waking up to bashing and banging, but you still manage to bring comfort with your fingerless long gloves, they make me so so happy..
    I love love love them
    I even blogged about them, under 'winter woolies..'

    Oh and Lovely blog


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