Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I've been trembling with anticipation and trepidation. I hate it when you have to stop a project, send it out of the studio and wait for someone else to do work on it before you can get it back in your hot little hands to finish it.
I got the call this morning from the quilters and went to pick up the new comforter meterage.
It's a new version and I've been worried how it was going to look.
Patched vintage wool, velvet and corduroy backed with vintage rayon and silk scarves. To start with it was vintage scarves backed with wool but I am in love with the wool side now. 
These quilts are based on the Wagga, a traditional Australian quilt that was made from tailors samples, suit fabrics on one side and shirting cottons on the other, padded with old jumpers and sweaters and cast-off clothing.
I'm not sure about the new quilts but I think that's because my sciatic nerve has flared again and I had a curious exchange with some one I know this afternoon. She was saying how she couldn't believe how many things I do and that I teach and make almost all the stock in the shop and I commented that I worked from 10am until midnight yesterday (actually getting stock ready for her to take today)..... and she then told me I needed to get a life........



  1. Dear Pen, stunning, both the new quilts and the dodgy comment. Your life is rich with making and creating and inspiring and drivingyourself forward. not to mention cooking great food, being a triffic friend ot many and seeing the poetry in the small things. pish to that 'she'

  2. Each to their own! Love the new quilts (I want to hunt one down next time I'm in Melb) and I think it's wonderful that you can achieve so much and create beautiful things and teach people. Just try to make time to look after yourself too (-: Darn the sciatic nerve

  3. you go girl.What a beautiful life you have

  4. Lordy be that quilt work is just beyond miss p, and re your life, what Ramona said and more so, and to the hack that has told you to get a life... wtf? and can you please just shut up now.

  5. I'd call that jealousy, meself.

  6. Hah! You've just answered a question I've had for years. I have a blanket that's made with pieces of suiting fabric that have been edged with crochet, sewn together and then edged with crochet. I've wondered for years about the story behind it - why all those different suiting fabrics together. Now I have an idea of how it came to be. Cool. Thanks!

    (It came from an antique store in Canada, so I don't think it qualifies as a Wagga, though!)


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