Monday, 25 May 2009


My life at the moment is all a bit overwhelming and far, far too crowded with things that need doing and sorting and organising and ........... you know how it is.
I've had equipment breakages and stuff-ups galore, I'm down with a strange mix of allergy and cold (damn muggy weather) and when I got a new part for my industrial iron on Friday and it ended up with them giving me a dodgy part, all I could do is see the irony (ha ha) in it. It was a pressure cap and it was defective. About sums up my life at the moment- 'stand clear, she's about  to blow!'.
So, while I should be sorting and cleaning the house tonight and getting some 'homework' done, I just couldn't rustle up the energy.
Instead I had the urgent need to hunt out some more Sookie Stackhouse novels. I found that Readings in Hawthorn had some, jumped in the car, got drenched in the bucketing rain and stormed into Reading right into the middle of a book launch, everyone serious and pious and me hunting around for the Fantasy section. Let's just say I wasn't viewed in a good light. 
Sometimes a girl just needs a bit of Southern Vampire Time Wasting when her Pressure Cap is defective. 

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  1. sometimes it really IS the only thing that will save you.
    Hope you now have a non-defective one.


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