Monday, 4 May 2009

lots of little things

Sometimes it is far better to do lots of smaller projects and get them finished than to do the big ones that seem to wear you down and tire you out. I've been doing lots of big things lately and I'm knackered. 
Today was all about small projects.
Wheat bags and lavender bags. 
Berets made from boiled wool.
A couple of batches of gloves dyed.
Pressing and labeling all the weekend's dyed gloves.
Bagging and tagging the lavender bags.
Making clocks.
Finishing some granny purses.
Trying to get some marking done for school.
Answering emails and phone calls.
Sorting out wholesale orders.
I suppose all the little jobs add up.


  1. I love getting all those sorts of jobs done - lots of ticks off my list

  2. Pen.

    You're a bloody powerhouse.

    If I'd done a quarter of those things I'd be pleased.


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