Tuesday, 24 January 2012

dressmaking with the dodgy duchess

Thankfully the humidity is sticking around 30%, it may be hot, hot, hot but at least I'm not a greasy pile of sweatiness. The studio isn't actually too bad and I've spent the last few days working on a new batch of dresses. Lovely Swiss cotton floral voile. The components are all ready to go, the skirt bits, the bodice and the facings, they just all need to come together, then lots of button holes and buttons to be done.
I still can't do any hand sewing at the moment, I've just done the third trip to the optometrist and I am really hoping that this time I will get a pair of glasses that work! The first pair were completely wrong and the second were off so if the next pair are right I'm hoping for a clear view of the computer, my books and a needle slipping through fabric. Hopefully by then I shall also have high speed internet connection.
Beck delivered the lovely Dodgy Duchess to me at the studio today. It's amazing how her eyes follow you around the room, in a cross eyed sort of way.

By the way the Cottage isn't open this Thursday, Oystralya Dai. I'll be at the Clarke Street BBQ, drinking ginger beer, if you need me.


  1. Happy Ostraya day for tomorrow. On way to BBQ, beware of cars flying Ostrayian flags.

  2. She does have the look of Camilla about her....
    Sarah x


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