Monday, 23 January 2012

days of whine and noses

Fingers crossed any day now my internet connection will click back over and we'll be back to full speed again. Of course this means you won't have to hear any more complaints on that front- although I am sure I can find something else to whine about.
Jethro and I spent most of yesterday on the bed snoozing and reading. I'm wishing I had a real weekend, one where you get a day to rest and a day to do household chores. Although to be honest I know I'd never use the 'household chore day' to actually do any cleaning or anything and would just beat myself up at the end of it for lolling about all day. I'm really not good with that motivation-to-clean thing. I like a clean house but it seems such a waste of time as it never stays that way. It's not that my house is dirty, it's just messy. Well the stairs are pretty grotty at the moment, they seem to catch all the fluff and dust and that gets stuck together when I spill tea on it. See, I'm whining again.
I just had to buy the box of kittens in the photo. That middle one is so Jethro, although his nose isn't pink and he's eyes aren't blue, it's an attitude thing and it's all about the fluffiness.
I'm off to the studio today. That's the plan at this stage but I will have to come back at some point to meet a customer so it's probably going to end up one of those strange disjointed types of days. Hot too. If the humidity stays low I'll be fine working.
On the shop front I am trying to get clothes done, other shops are planning winter drops but this is when we get in the hot weather clothes, the upside of making small ranges. I need to get stitching. We still have our beloved Frida dresses in but we are getting very low on some sizes and colours. Don't dawdle! Dell  got a stocktake done on Friday of sandals and some colours are getting very low, so hotfoot it in (hahaha) quick sticks!

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