Tuesday, 31 January 2012

button holed

Oh yes the studio was foul yesterday. By two I was almost comatose put I ate a lolly snake and drank some tea sitting in front of a fan and pushed through the 'pain barrier' and managed to get the dresses finished up to button stage- yay for me. Now I have about 100 button holes to do today- blah for me. I might break it down into sets of 4 just to feel like I am achieving something. It's a silly game I play but sometimes it works, production is such a pain that you have to set smaller goals to feel like you are getting somewhere.
On the satchel front it looks like there is movement at the station and we may be receiving stock very soon. I may even be relenting and ordering a few batchels this time around (I don't like the handle very much and you know I am exceedingly opinionated). It won't be a full range of colours and sizes but any stock sells so stay tuned. Sometimes I feel like we are a Cambridge Satchel Company shop, they drive me totally mad at times, I feel like a cartoon character being chased by flying satchels!
I slept in this morning after a bad first half of the night's sleep so I better get moving. I'm still in my pyjamas. Hoping the studio isn't too awful.

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  1. oh pretty. Think I will be bringing in my big girl for an 18th birthday dress if they are in shop by March 1....


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