Sunday, 30 December 2007

yawn, scratch, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It has taken me a week of snoozing, reading and dvd watching to start to feel a little bit together.
Having come down with one of those hideous summer colds hasn't helped either.
Am having trouble talking to people, think my tongue ihas gone on holiday without telling me.
Went out to Heide on Friday (hey that rhymes! if you pronounce it Fry-dee.........ok ok I'm a bit out of it) and sat under a tree and just chilled. Nice.

I like Melbourne in January, its kind of lazy and quiet (once we've got over NYE- dreading that) and slow.
This was taken up near Puddly Stark on Friday evening- impressive.

As you can tell I haven't much to write about, between the sleeping and the reading and the.......... might be time to go have a nap...... yawn.


  1. That's quite a skyline you've got going there, miss pen pen.

  2. pretty summery skies, the quiet time is good for the stayers, once you get over the fact that too many good places are closed...

    I am meaning to write you properly before 2008, but i am glad to see you here, and also glad the sale went well...

    much love miss pene!


  3. lovely dell!
    40º+ today- would much rather be where you are
    miss you


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