Wednesday, 12 December 2007

and finally there is me

I promised some new photos. Well that promise won't be coming through sadly, the battery on the camera is dying.
I did manage to take a few snaps but they were all atrocious so this is all you are going to get at the moment.
I also thought that there are quite a few photos on this blog for you to stroll back over and have a look at.

Sonja suggested the other day that I write a book called '101 things to make from tea-towels'- and so here is another t-towel product. Sometimes I think it may be getting a little out of control. Hell, everyone has something they are known for!
And they are ridiculously geeky and cool at the same time. (If Nick Cave can do tea-towels as band merchandise..... my argument rests).

Of course I am not just selling products made from t-towels at the sale. I am also selling owls made from gloves, gloves made from rabbits (angora), monkeys made from socks, clocks made from old pictures, purses and clothes and knitwear and bags and cushions and bracelets and hairpins and quilts and samples and seconds and old stuff and new stuff- almost poetry really.

And most of all we are hoping to see you, so please come along so that we can put faces to all the people who buy our stuff and support us out in the big world.

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  1. Make no mistake. Tea towels are tres chic.

    Ask any musician.


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