Monday, 3 December 2007

artiste #2- Nikki Gabriel

The lovely Nikki quietly knits away (well actually the knitting machine and the handknitting needles can be quite noisy when she gets a head of steam up) creating the most exquisitely beautiful pieces of work. She always stuns me with her virtuoso technique, construction and concept.

For the sale she has been having a bit of fun creating smaller pieces from all the left over yarn that tends to build up when you are knitting. Who doesn't need an Xmas stocking to fill at this time of year? And the great thing about these knitted stockings is that they will stretch to fit all those excitingly shaped packages we know Santa is going to bring us (maybe an Eg Etal jewellery giftbox or some strange shaped ceramic piece from Craft Victoria or..) and you can re-use them next year too! Really they are heirlooms in the making, just perfect to bring out every Xmas along with the pipe-cleaner angels and cotton-wool Father Christmases.

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