Tuesday, 11 December 2007

artiste #4- Peeps

We were all getting worried that Beck wouldn't be able to join us for our studio sale, being head retail elf at Counter at Craft Victoria has had her tied to the- um well- counter and not in the studio being creative! But she managed to escape for the day and get her fingers a'twitching to come up with these lovely Xmas decorations, although they shouldn't be limited to this time of year only, really they are far too gorgeous. In fact I think they would look lovely attached to a present as an added bonus.
Last year Rebecca also created a fabulous '12 days of Christmas' series (from memory, there was a reindeer-man with baubles in his antlers- too cute). So we might be lucky to get some of her illustrations as cards too.
Fingers crossed Miss Jobson's elfing duties haven't tuckered her out, you might find her asleep under the table at the sale, murmuring 'would you like that gift wrapped?', if you do please say 'no that's fine, I like to do my own wrapping on Xmas-eve' and remember to buy a card on the way out.

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