Thursday, 2 December 2010

l'uccello rosso di natale

I've been holding off telling you about this year's Marché Rouge. Not for any ulterior motive but more for the fact I thought you might forget with everything that is on and that if I gave you a day's notice you would be so excited you would have to move all your plans about to make sure you get to it.
The super talented Kim Hurley is opening up the Salon again this Xmas, she's decking the halls (quite literally) and she's convinced other people on the 2nd floor to come to the party. So if you have a love of vintage haberdashery and the handmade you better hot-foot it down to the Nicholas Building this  Friday or Saturday. I'll be there first thing Friday!!


  1. patched up heat!
    But life is good as we have 45cm's of snow outside and a toasty house tonight! ~ crazy winter we are having!



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