Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I am exhausted. 
Looking down at the deck from the upstairs window and it looks tiny, it's over 3.6 metres long and just a metre wide and I am hurting from head to toe. Tomorrow, it will hopefully, be finished. I just need to work out the best way to do the storage/seat bit at the bottom end of the picture and it has my brain hurting at the moment! The walls narrow in by a bare 1cm and now I have to get the circular saw out to do a bit of trimming. I'm not a fan of the c-saw.
I hung out the washing tonight and the line is now at the perfect height- I planned well when I put it up two years ago! I bought a big planter today for the jasmine but I am starting to think my plan for where it was going to go won't work. I really just want this project finished so I can clean up and enjoy a relax drinking a cuppa out in my spanking 'new' backyard.
I've named it 'the jetty', it's long and narrow.

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  1. is there ANYTHING you can't make Pen???
    looks fab.


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